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 Here is a simple guide how you can find your trains in Europe and buy the tickets to them!


Train travel is nice and more environmental than airplanes or cars; but it can be a hassle to get the ticket you need for a longer trip. There is no single website, where you book tickets for trains around Europe, or beyond. Therefore we have made this page with all the best link we have found for online booking and buying of train tickets. There are links to train companies of all EU countries that have trains as well as Norway and Switzerland. You will also find links to the main international train systems in Europe.


Ticket types

There are five main ways to buy tickets online: mail order, pick-up, self-print, ticketless, and SMS/mobile



Choose a country


-Austria (update May 2012)



-Czech Republic

-Denmark (update May 2012)





















-United Kingdom







Online train tickets

A simple guide

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